Junior Staff

Andrew LaScaleia House Armed Services

Andrew is a freshman from Sudbury, MA majoring in government with a focus on American national security. He is a member of the Harvard Glee Club and the Harvard Program for International Education. He is also a huge sports fan and loves to swim.

    Andre Senecal House Education and the Workforce

    I’m a sophomore from Woodstock, New York. I study psychology and government. In addition to HMC, I’m a member of the Harvard Club baseball team, a research assistant at the Harvard Decision Science Lab, and a cook at Café Pamplona in Harvard Square.

      Will Matheson House Energy and Commerce

      Will is originally from Salt Lake City, Utah, and is studying Government. He is also involved with Harvard’s Institute of Politics and the Harvard College Consulting Group, and is an avid snowboarder in his free time.

        Sahil Lauji House Energy and Commerce

        Sahil Lauji, a freshmen at Harvard from Atlanta, Georgia is concentrating in Government and secondaring in Economics. Aside from HMC, he enjoys playing and watching sports, trying new foods, and traveling.

          Ethan Medlin House Ethics

          Hello! I am currently a Freshman in Thayer Hall. I hail from a small town right outside of Seattle, Washington. I am interested in concentrating in either Government or Sociology. I look forward to having an awesome time at HMC!

            Anne Raheem House Foreign Affairs

            Anne is a junior studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. She loves dance, teaching, and trying new things! She is excited to be staffing House Foreign Affairs and can’t wait to meet all of you.

              Charlie Michael House Foreign Affairs

              Charlie is a sophomore from San Diego concentrating in Social Studies with a secondary in Environmental Science and Public Policy, with an overall focus on urban development. Outside of HMC, he enjoys photography, hiking, and good food.

                Jack Steinberg House Homeland Security

                My name is Jack Steinberg and I’m from Boca Raton, Florida. I’m a freshman in Weld Hall and I’m not sure what I want to study, although I am thinking about majoring in something in the social sciences. I can’t wait for the Boston conference!

                  Charlotte Davis House Judiciary

                  Hailing from the great state of Kansas, Charlotte is a junior in Quincy House studying History & Literature with a secondary in Spanish. Outside of HMC she enjoys playing soccer, cracking jokes, and learning about the criminal justice system.

                    Amy Li House Member at Large

                    Amy is a sophomore from Philadelphia studying Environmental Science and Public Policy. Amy loves the great outdoors, taking pictures, and talking about environmental issues.

                      Ery Zhu House Member at Large

                      Ery is a sophomore in Kirkland House, from Auckland, New Zealand. Outside of HMC, she is involved with Smart Woman Securities and Harvard Radcliffe MIHNUET.

                        Robert Bertagna House Member at Large

                        Sophomore living in Mather House. Concentrates in Applied Math with a focus on Economics and an intended secondary in Computer Science. Member of the Harvard Rugby Football Club. Born and raised in New York City.

                          Micaela Rodriguez House Oversight and Government Reform

                          Micaela is a sophomore in Adams studying Architecture and Psychology. Born in Brooklyn, New York, she hopes to one day add a creation of her own to the skyline. In her free time, she loves painting, traveling, and playing with her two little sisters.

                            Daniel Ragheb House Oversight and Government Reform

                            Daniel is a sophomore at Harvard studying Neurobiology, with a planned secondary in Government. He is originally from Los Angeles, and is super excited to staff HMC! Outside of HMC, he loves doing EMT work, improvising, playing sports, and eating.

                              Ali Thaler House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence

                              Ali is a junior from Pennsylvania studying Government with a secondary in Global Health and Health Policy. Outside of HMC, she loves running and traveling.

                                Avila Reynolds House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence

                                Avila is a sophomore from Long Beach Island, NJ studying Theatre Dance & Media and Comparative Literature. Outside of HMC, she is an active member of both the Climbing Team and the Modern Dance Company, and plays Intramural Ultimate Frisbee.

                                  John Schaefer House Space, Science, and Technology

                                  John is a freshman junior staffer from Northern Michigan planning to study Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology. He is also involved with the Bioethics Society and is interested in exploring the intersection of bioethics and health policy.

                                    Fernando Young House State Government

                                    Fernando Young is a freshman at Harvard College studying Economics and Romance Languages. He is from Nantucket, Massachusetts. He was a high school delegate in HMC Boston his junior and senior years. Outside of HMC, Fernando enjoys sailing.

                                      Teddy Creamer House State Government

                                      Hi, my name is Teddy Creamer and I’m from Barrington Rhode Island. I was involved with my school’s political action and mock trial clubs in high school, so I love politics and debating. I am a freshman still trying to figure out my concentration

                                        Kaitlyn Rabinovitz House Transportation and Infrastructure

                                        Kaitlyn is a sophomore studying Social Studies. Outside of HMC, Katie is involved in the Harvard Association for US China Relations and Harvard Yearbook Photo Board. She loves coffee, reading good books, and eating yummy food.

                                          Samuel Fisch Senate Armed Services

                                          Samuel is a sophomore in Pforzheimer House. He works as a photographer for the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid, and is a member of On Harvard Time, Harvard’s video comedy group.

                                            Chris Kuang Senate Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs

                                            Chris is a sophomore from studying Applied Math/Economics with a minor in sociology. He is passionate about civic engagement, photography, traveling, and Patriots football. Chris is excited to be back with HMC after being a delegate in high school.

                                              Michael Wornow Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation

                                              Michael is a sophomore living in Kirkland. He is majoring in computer science and minoring in statistics. Outside of HMC, he is involved in the Harvard College Consulting Group, the Institute of Politics Tech Policy Group, and writes for Satire V.

                                                Nina Pasquini Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation

                                                Nina is a freshman from NY, with academic interests in history, literature, and economics. Outside of Model Congress, you can find her writing for the Harvard Crimson, wandering through a Boston museum, or drinking her third cup of coffee of the day.

                                                  Audrey Mustoe Senate Energy and Natural Resources

                                                  Audrey is a sophomore from Salinas, CA studying Neurobiology. Outside of HMC she loves to sing with her a cappella group (the Harvard LowKeys), play field hockey and be a Consent Advocate and Relationship Educator (CARE) on campus.

                                                    Matthew Rossi Senate Environment and Public Works

                                                    Matt is a freshman from New Fairfield, Connecticut. He writes for the Harvard Political Review and International Review and is interested in public health policy. He loves horror movies, dogs, and ink drawing.

                                                      Starr Rhee Senate Finance

                                                      Starr Rhee is from Nashville, Tennessee. She is a freshman at Harvard and plans on concentrating in Social Studies. In addition to Model Congress, Starr works with the Asian American Women’s Association and the Undergraduate Admissions Counsel.

                                                        Taylor Whitsell Senate Foreign Relations

                                                        Taylor is a freshman from Kentucky planning to study Government. Outside of HMC, Taylor is involved in the Institute of Politics and the College Democrats. He also enjoys running, teaching citizenship classes, and grabbing 2 A.M. nachos at El Jefe’s.

                                                          Joyce Lu Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions

                                                          Joyce is a freshman in Straus from Hillsborough, NJ. She spends her time rehearsing for the Bach Society and the Harvard-Radcliffe Orchestra, playing badminton with her entryway, and avoiding Lamont. Her favorite food truck is Rhythm ‘n Wraps.

                                                            Wes De Silvestro Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions

                                                            Wes is a Computer Science and Government joint concentrator. Originally from Lakeland, Florida, he is deeply passionate about politics, data science, civic engagement, and social innovation in the 21st century.

                                                              Kiera O'Brien Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs

                                                              Kiera is a sophomore in Leverett House originally from Ketchikan, Alaska. She is concentrating in Government and likes to spend her free time running, swimming, and participating in campus political groups.

                                                                Ben Harpe Senate Judiciary

                                                                Ben is a freshman from New York concentrating in Applied Math and Computer Science. A former HMC delegate, he is excited to staff his first conference. Outside of HMC, Ben is a member of the Institute of politics and plays intramural sports.

                                                                  Jessica Boutchie Senate Member at Large

                                                                  Jess is a freshman from Danvers, Massachusetts who plans to study Government, French, and Spanish at Harvard. Outside of Harvard Model Congress, Jess enjoys writing for the Harvard Political Review, photography, and music.

                                                                    Tom McCarthy Senate Member at Large

                                                                    Tom is a freshman from Washington, D.C. studying environmental engineering. Outside of HMC, he is involved in Engineers Without Borders, the climbing team, and the breakdancing club.

                                                                      Delano Franklin Senate Member at Large

                                                                      Originally from Chelsea, Massachusetts, Delano is a freshman at Harvard who is interested in studying Government. Outside of HMC, he participates in other Institute of Politics programs and in community service groups.

                                                                        Josh Lee Senate Member at Large

                                                                        Joshua Lee is a Sophomore at Harvard College concentrating in Economics and Statistics, with a language citation in Chinese. In his free time, Josh choreographs and dances for different Harvard dance groups, such as Harvard Expressions.

                                                                          Michele Wang Senate Select Committee on Intelligence

                                                                          Originally from Fairfax, Virginia, Michele is a freshman planning to study computer science at Harvard. Besides HMC and CS, she also enjoys dogs, journals, and traveling.

                                                                            Jessie Rodriguez SP District Court

                                                                            Jessie is a sophomore from Miami, Florida who is concentrating in Government. She’s involved with various programs at the Institute of Politics and serves as a Peer Advising Fellow in Holworthy East. She staffs both the Boston and Europe conferences.

                                                                              Matthew Ontiveros SP FBI

                                                                              Matthew is a sophomore in Kirkland house studying Applied Math. Outside of HMC, he is involved in Air Force ROTC and the Harvard Freshman Outdoor Program. In his free time he loves hiking and listening to music.

                                                                                Tony Yang SP G-20

                                                                                Originally from Toronto, Tony is a sophomore at Harvard living in Currier House tentatively pursuing a concentration in Economics. Outside of HMC, he dedicates the majority of his time towards piano performance. He is also a big fan of spicy food.

                                                                                  Andrew Yang SP Historical Committee

                                                                                  Andrew is a Sophomore in Winthrop House concentrating in Biomedical Engineering with a secondary in Computer Science. He is from Jamaica Plain, MA. Outside of HMC, he heads the Harvard Taiwan Leadership Conference and is in Engineers without Borders.

                                                                                    Abigail Simon SP Media

                                                                                    Abigail is a sophomore in Pfoho concentrating in Social Studies. She grew up just outside of Boston (go Red Sox!). On campus, she writes for The Crimson and teaches civics classes to elementary schoolers. She loves reading and hanging with friends!

                                                                                      Jason Kang SP Media

                                                                                      Jason Kang was born in San Diego, CA and was raised in both San Diego and Haikou, Hainan, an island south of Hong Kong. In his free time, he busies himself with the Advocate Poetry Board. He plans to study Applied Math and Comparative Literature.

                                                                                        Nicholas Boucher SP Member at Large

                                                                                        Nicholas studies computer science at Harvard and is very interested in student government, government, and disruptive technologies.

                                                                                          Jake Lazar SP Member at Large

                                                                                          Jake is a freshman from Jupiter, Florida, tentatively concentrating in economics. He has a passion for history, government, reading, and sports. He participated in HMC Boston as a high school student and is excited to join the conference staff!

                                                                                            Connor Bortz SP Member at Large

                                                                                            Connor is a sophomore from Cincinnati, OH in Quincy House. He is studying Economics with a possible secondary in Computer Science. Connor likes candlelight dinners and long walks on the beach (or is this not a dating site?).

                                                                                              Yonas Bayu SP Member at Large

                                                                                              I am currently a freshman living in Hurlbut and likely an Government concentrator, considering a secondary in African-American Studies or Theater. I love teaching and mentoring younger students and my hobbies include watching sports and music.

                                                                                                Crystal Luo SP NEC

                                                                                                Crystal is a sophomore from Chicago concentrating in Economics. Outside of HMC, Crystal is a peer advisor and a member of TEDxHarvardCollege. She enjoys traveling, going on adventures, and trying new foods.

                                                                                                  Lainey Newman SP NGA

                                                                                                  Lainey is a freshman from Pittsburgh pursuing a concentration in Government with a potential secondary in Global Health & Health Policy. Outside of HMC, she writes for the Harvard Political Review and is involved in Harvard’s Institute of Politics.

                                                                                                    Harry Hager SP NGA

                                                                                                    Harry Hager is a freshman living in DeWolfe thinking about pursuing a degree in Chemistry & Chemical Biology. Back in Alabama, he worked with Planned Parenthood and pushed for state-level sex-ed reform to be more inclusive toward the LGBTQ community.

                                                                                                      David Gutierrez SP Organization of American States

                                                                                                      David Gutierrez is a Harvard College Junior Concentrating in Social Studies with a minor in Economics. A dual citizen of Colombia and America, David is passionate about Latin American relations with the United States.

                                                                                                        Wade Pryor SP PresCab

                                                                                                        Wade Pryor was born in Washington D.C. and currently lives in Chicago, IL, where he attended the Latin School of Chicago. Aside from HMC, Wade is on the design board of Harvard Advocate and is a member of the Black Men’s Forum.

                                                                                                          Abby Scholer SP Supreme Court

                                                                                                          Born in Cincinnati but raised in the South, Abby Scholer adores legal interpretation and can’t wait to pass on her love of constitutional law to young high school whippersnappers just like you (she herself just graduated from high school last year).

                                                                                                            Grace Sullivan SP Supreme Court

                                                                                                            I am a first year student tentatively studying government and hoping to one day attend law school and become an appellate advocate. Thus, I could not be more excited to be a member of Harvard Model Congress Supreme Court this year.

                                                                                                              Adam Harper SP Supreme Court

                                                                                                              Hi everyone! I’m from Cartersville, Georgia and am a current Sophomore at Harvard. I’m interested in Government and Politics and am studying the outlook of American Democracy in America.

                                                                                                                Franklin Civantos SP Supreme Court

                                                                                                                Franklin Civantos is a freshman from Miami, Florida. Along with Harvard Model Congress, he is involved with the Harvard Crimson newspaper and the club rugby team. Franklin plans to concentrate in either Government or Social Studies.

                                                                                                                  Francisco Cernada SP West Wing

                                                                                                                  My name is Francisco Cernada and from Houston, Texas, but his family is from Guatemala and the Dominican Republic. I am interested in education policy, international relations, and Netflix Originals. I am also a big runner, and I love soccer.

                                                                                                                    Alexandra Norris SP West Wing

                                                                                                                    Alexandra is a Freshman from Nashua, New Hampshire planning on studying either Government or Economics. Outside of HMC, she enjoys biking, surfing, and spending time with her family.

                                                                                                                      Nirav Sookhai State Senate

                                                                                                                      Nirav is a freshman from Miami planning to concentrate in Government and Statistics. In addition to HMC, he is a member of the College Democrats and the Institute of Politics. In his free time, he enjoys watching football and basketball.

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