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Dear Delegates,

Welcome to Harvard Model Congress 2017! Welcome to the West Wing!

At Harvard Model Congress, the West Wing committee is composed of the Democratic National Committee and the Republican National Committee. These two organizations are tasked with designing, promoting, and implementing the platforms of their respective parties. This year, we are excited to integrate the competition and strategy of party politics with the unique dynamic of a new president’s first 100 days in office. These 100 days offer the commander in chief and their party a chance to define their political agenda. Conversely, the opposing party can use this period to clarify the ways in which their party will and will not aid the new president in this agenda. These 100 days are critical for setting the political tone for the next four years, and beyond.

Beyond gaining knowledge of the specific committee topics, HMC will offer you the chance to practice public speaking, persuasive writing, and the art of negotiation. You will meet peers from across the country, problem solve complex issues together, and emerge stronger leaders.

We look forward to joining you during this process, and I hope to make it engaging and exciting!

Please get in touch via email with any questions you may have between now and the conference, or just to introduce yourself. We would encourage you to check out the website or other materials of the West Wing to familiarize yourself with its structure and functions.

Hope to hear from you, and see you in January!


Gavin, Mira, and Will
Emails: [email protected]

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