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Dear Delegates,

Welcome to Harvard Model Congress, and welcome to the Supreme Court!

The Supreme Court is one of the most powerful entities in the United States government. It has the ability to strike down a law made by Congress and signed by the President. In doing so, the Supreme Court can chart the country’s course forward on issues from gay marriage to affirmative action to gun control—and many more in between. Arguing on either side of a case, or ruling on one, is a huge responsibility, and one we hope you’re excited to undertake come February!

This year in the Supreme Court, you’ll be arguing several relevant and dynamic cases. One covers the role of the judiciary in the ongoing privacy and technology debate. Another covers equal protection under the law in light of modern algorithms.

To prepare for your work on the Supreme Court, you should read each case thoroughly and devise arguments in support of all sides. You should outline the important constitutional questions and anticipate your opposition’s arguments. At the conference, you’ll be making these arguments to us and to your peers—and you’ll also being answering questions as you argue, just like the real Supreme Court.

HMC is also a great opportunity to meet new people and challenge yourself. This is our favorite committee, and we’re looking forward to engaging with you on so many interesting and pressing issues.

See you soon!

Caroline, Rohan, Rebecca, and Nate
Email: [email protected]

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