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Dear Delegates,

Welcome to Harvard Model Congress Boston 2017! Our names are Andrew Badinelli, Kira Brenner, and Katy Dolan, and we are incredibly excited to be chairing the National Governors Association and working with you this year.

The National Governors Association is one of the most unique committees at Harvard Model Congress. Taking on the role of a state governor, you will be tasked with addressing pressing national problems with the interests of your state in mind. As a state governor, you are in the unique position of having the ability to effect change on both the state and national level. Throughout our committee sessions, you will draft resolutions, craft and lobby for legislation, and potentially, address a crisis. In doing so, it is our hope and goal that you will learn more about our political system, explore your passion for politics, and of course, have fun.

As part of this year’s committee, you will be responsible for tackling particularly interesting and hyper relevant topics. In light of the recent water tragedy in Flint, Michigan, our committee will examine America’s drinking water system and explore ways in which we can improve it to ensure water access for generations to come. On another front, you will engage with the issue of police brutality, examining how law enforcement have abused their power over American citizens and taking action to alter the status quo in the interest of liberty and justice for all Americans. Finally, we will be discussing the ongoing battle states have trying to create enough jobs for an increasing population. At both the state and federal level, legislators struggle to determine how to balance creating enough jobs for citizens while ensuring those jobs are humane and provide important benefits and a living wage.

We hope that you are as excited for these topics as we are, and we hope this excitement encourages you to come prepared with ideas on how we can solve these problems. Using the briefings we provide as a starting point, we expect you to be familiar with and informed on all of the briefing topics. Start doing your own research as soon as possible! The more you know before the conference, the more fun you will have during it. Outside of the briefing topics we’ve given you, we also recommend that you stay up to date on current events, both domestically and in your role’s state.

Our goal as your HMC chairs is to provide an intellectually engaging environment while also having unprecedented amounts of fun. It is our hope that as part of our committee, you will think critically, listen thoughtfully, and engage meaningfully – we will certainly be doing the same.

In the meantime, feel free to email us with any questions you have about the topics, about the conference in general, or just to introduce yourself! We are here to help and love to chat – if you’d like, include a fun fact with any questions you send. Here’s one from us: one of your chairs could not operate a hula hoop until they were 12 years old. One of your chairs still cannot “operate” a hula hoop.


Andrew, Kira, & Katy
Email: [email protected]

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