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Dear Delegates,

Welcome to Harvard Model Congress 2017! Our names are Bryan Otero Gilmer and Kayla Thompson, and we are looking forward to chairing the International Monetary Fund this year.
As a part of this committee, you will have the chance to tackle some of the most pressing issues facing the global economy. Throughout the session, weighing the economic, environmental, and social implications of the policies and resolutions you draft will be paramount. This year, the International Monetary Fund will be taking a particularly close look at resolving the downturn of Brazil’s economy and political system, as well as addressing the rising rates of global financial spill overs, focusing on China. But be prepared for debate to change gears as events unfold and as-of-yet unknown threats shift the IMF’s priorities.

As a member of the IMF, you will be required to keep yourself informed on the briefing topics, beginning with the briefings you will receive from us and then continuing with your own independent research as you explore the issues at hand. Be on the lookout for new developments in the briefing topics. Finally, as possessing accurate intelligence at the critical moment of a crisis can spell the difference between success and disaster, we encourage you to start stepping into your roles by keeping abreast of current events in the global economy, focusing on Brazil and China. Each of you, through your assigned roles and the work you do preparing for the conference will bring something unique and valuable to our proceedings.

We hope HMC will be an incredible opportunity for you to experience and better understand the operation of the International Monetary Fund, as well as to meet other students from across the country who share your passion for politics and civic engagement. You will be exposed to a great diversity of opinions, and you will have the chance to broaden and question your own perspectives on current issues.

As your chairs, we aim to make your HMC experience both intellectually stimulating and a great deal of fun. We are very excited for the opportunity to work and learn with you. Feel free to contact us by email with any questions you may have between now and the conference, or even just to say ‘hello’. We look forward to meeting you and hope to hear from you soon!


Bryan and Kayla
Email: [email protected]

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