Dear Senators,

Welcome to Harvard Model Congress 2017! My name is Jeewon Lee, and I am thrilled to be chairing the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.

The agenda for the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence is exciting! You will have the chance to delve into a variety of national security issues. For example, one of our briefings will be on Secret Service reform – in that debate, it will be your task to figure out how to best protect our national leaders from threats. Beyond these specific briefing topics, over the course of the conference, you will learn more generally about the legislative process, the division of power across the branches of government, and parliamentary procedure (the rules under which Congressmen discuss, debate, and vote on bills).

A little about me: I’m a sophomore at Harvard studying Government and East Asian Studies. I was born in Seoul, South Korea, and raised in Manila, Philippines. With HMC, I’ve staffed conferences in Seoul and Boston, and have served on the Executive Board of HMC Asia. I enjoy languages, traveling, and cannot live without music; I’m also a huge foodie.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have prior to the conference. I’m excited to see what ideas you guys will bring with you to the conference. See you soon!


Jeewon Lee
Email: [email protected]


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