Veterans Affairs

Dear Representatives,

Welcome to Harvard Model Congress 2017! Our names are Bryan Calvo and Walker Jordan, and we are the chairs of the House Committee on Veterans Affairs.

We are looking forward to chairing this new committee and working with you to debate issues facing America’s military veterans. We will focus on veteran homelessness and the reformation of the Veterans Administration as well as mental illness in the veteran community. As delegates, you will work together to create efficient solutions to the complex and varied problems associated with this country’s treatment of military veterans.

Americans almost unanimously believe veterans should receive better support and more opportunities; this committee will provide an avenue for you to brainstorm, debate, and implement bills that do just that.

Beyond the committee, HMC will present you with chances to meet other students from around the globe who share an interest in government. Together, you will explore American politics, as well as Boston and Harvard.

Feel free to send us an email to ask any questions or to introduce yourself. As your chairs, we are excited to help you have a fun weekend exploring your passion for politics alongside a diverse group of talented peers.

We are looking forward to meeting you in February!


Bryan Calvo and Walker Jordan
Email: [email protected]

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