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Dear Delegates,

Welcome to the Harvard Model Congress Historical Committee! Our names are Paige Wallace and Justin Walthier, and we will be your committee chairs this year.

Paige is senior at Harvard College, studying History and Literature and Justin is a sophomore at Harvard College, studying Classics. Outside of the classroom we are involved in the Mission Hill After School Program and the Mock Trial team, respectively. Together we have staffed HMC conferences all over the world, including Sao Paulo, Hong Kong San Francisco, and Madrid.

In the Historical Committee this year, we will be traveling back in time to April 25th, 1987. At this time, you have been summoned to an emergency meeting of representatives from each of the constituent republics of Yugoslavia and other interested world nations. Just a few days ago, a Serbian politician, Slobodan Milošević, the leader of the Serbian branch of the League of Communists of Yugoslavia, visited Kosovo to meet with local party officials. Yesterday, he returned to Kosovo and gave a speech designed to both empower and inflame the spirits of Serbs living in Kosovo. His speech ended with the line, “No one shall dare to beat you!” It is up to you to determine what to do next in this tense and potentially violent situation.

While some of the events in our committee may mirror actual events, many will differ based on actions that you take. This means that you should focus your attention and research on political, economic, and social conditions in Yugoslavia, and in your constituent republic specifically, in the months leading up to April 1987. Please remember that since this is an incredibly fast-paced and exciting committee, it is very important that you have researched in advance and come prepared with potential responses to many different scenarios. Furthermore, since you will be working with a partner during the conference, we recommend that you communicate and share materials and ideas with each other in advance of the conference as well.

We look forward to reading your pre-conference assignments soon! We are so excited to meet all of you at HMC Boston this year!

All the best,

Paige Wallace and Justin Walthier
Email: sp. [email protected]

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