Foreign Relations

Dear Senators,

Welcome to Harvard Model Congress 2017! Our names are Hanel Baveja and Emily Johnson, and we are looking forward to chairing the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations this year.

As a part of this committee, you will have the chance to probe some of the most exciting and critical areas of both domestic and international affairs. This year, Foreign Relations will be debating the situation in the South China Sea, as well as US-Mexico relations. As senators in this committee, you will grapple with maintaining a crucial balance between addressing issues of foreign concern and pursuing policies that may benefit the U.S. and its position in the world.
Beyond committee, HMC will be a unique opportunity for you to experience the legislative branch of American government and meet other students from across the country (and world!) who share your passion for politics. You will be exposed to a wide diversity of opinions, and you will have the chance to broaden and question your own perspective on topical issues. You will also get to explore Boston and the Harvard campus!

As your chairs, we are excited to make your HMC experience both intellectually stimulating and a ton of fun. A bit about ourselves:

Hanel is a junior in Pforzheimer House, studying Economics with a secondary in English. Outside of HMC, she is on the board of the Harvard College Consulting Group and writes short fiction. Originally from Ann Arbor, MI, she enjoys dreaming about warm weather and consuming copious amounts of coffee.

Emily is a junior in Pfoho from Savannah, Georgia. She studies history of science and is especially interested in the history of mental illnesses as well as global mental health. Outside of the classroom, she loves reading, doing crossword puzzles, and eating pizza with my friends!

We look forward to meeting you and hope to hear from you soon!


Hanel Baveja and Emily Johnson
Email: [email protected]


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