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Dearest delegates,

Welcome to the House Committee on Education and the Workforce!
The House is a fundamental institution in U.S. politics, and our committee plays a significant role that affects some of the most consequential legislation that get debated in the U.S. Congress. As a member of the House, you will have the opportunity to represent the constituents from a specific congressional district. The House as an institution aims to give a voice to every American such that they will be represented in our government. As a member of the House Committee on Education and the Workforce, you will address a wide range of topics that directly concern enabling all Americans through education, and maintaining a strong workforce that remains the engine of our economy and our society.

In committee, you will get to discuss some of the most pressing issues affecting students and the work force. American workers today face a changing environment where trade has changed the dynamics of global economic relationships, and where technology is revolutionizing the way we work, even changing the kinds of jobs that become available. This change has already affected millions in the U.S. workforce, and it will continue to do so in this period of rapid transformation. It will be your role to shape U.S. policy that helps our current workforce to adapt, and that prepares future workers so they will be ready to join the workforce of their day.

You’ll also have a chance to discuss the state of sexual education for America’s middle and high school students. This is an issue that has important implications for future generations, and the Education and the Workforce Committee has an opportunity to seek creative solutions. Given the diversity of the briefing topics, the committee will allow you the opportunity to explore many different areas.

Now, a word about this committee’s staffers.

I, Carlos, am a junior concentrating in computer science and pursuing a secondary field in German. I am Mexican and American, and I have lived most of my life abroad. I decided to staff House E&W because I believe that globalization and technology are fundamental issues of our day and that they require of innovative government policies that will help our entire workforce find themselves on the winning side of change. I hope you will also find this an exciting topic, and I look forward to working with you this coming February!

And I, Eric, am a junior from Washington, D.C. concentrating in statistics with a secondary field in economics. In addition to HMC, I am captain of the men’s varsity fencing team. Growing up in our nation’s capital taught me a lot about the importance of good government and the necessity of creativity in solving our nation’s problems. I hope you are excited for the conference. Working with you all will be very rewarding!
Feel free to reach out at any time if you have a question or just want to introduce yourself. We cannot wait for HMC 2017, and we look forward to meeting all of you soon!

All the best,

Carlos Mendizabal and Eric Zhao
Email: [email protected]

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