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Our names are Caroline Ferguson and Shing-Shing Cao and we’re excited to be the Senior Staffers for the Presidential Cabinet. First, here’s a little information about ourselves:
Caroline is a Senior in Dunster House studying Social Studies from Washington, DC. She began staffing HMC Presidential Cabinet two years ago and is so excited to be back for more! When she is not participating in all things Model Congress, Caroline is the captain of Harvard Club Field Hockey and is a member of the College Events Board.

Shing-Shing is a junior in Quincy House studying economics and computer science. She grew up in Newark, Delaware but now lives in San Diego, California. Outside of HMC, she competes on the Mock Trial team, works with refugees in an immigration law clinic, and volunteers at a student-run youth homeless shelter. She cannot wait to meet you all!

Over American governmental history, the Presidential Cabinet, built out of the constitutional right for the president to create for himself a group of advisors, is the most important advisory board in the government, with each member representing a department of the executive branch, each an expert in his or her branch. They hold the challenging position of absorbing information quickly, making judgments and then advising the president on the most pressing issues in politics, and therefore have some of the most demanding positions in the United States government.
The great part about the Presidential Cabinet is their ability to respond and formulate arguments quickly. At Harvard Model Congress, the cabinet can spend a morning session talking about student loans and then an afternoon session talking about gun control. Students that apply to be in the Presidential Cabinet should be ready to think on their feet and talk about topics that they have only had a small amount of time to research. This is why Presidential Cabinet is one of the most rewarding but also one of the most challenging committees at Harvard Model Congress.
We wholeheartedly look forward to meeting all of you for what we’re sure will be an extremely interesting committee. We, as well as the rest of the Harvard Model Congress staff, have worked hard to prepare for the conference, so we are all looking forward to seeing how it plays out!


Caroline Ferguson, Shing-Shing Cao
Email: [email protected]

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