Armed Services

Dear Representatives,

Welcome to Harvard Model Congress 2017! Our names are Christopher Fenaroli and Isabella Huber, and we are the chairs of the House Committee on Armed Services.

We are looking forward to chairing this committee and working with you to debate issues facing America’s military. We will focus on topics like mandatory military service, the use and role of special forces in today’s military climate, and identifying, and combating the biggest security threats to the United States. As delegates, you will work together to answer these complex and varied problems associated with this country’s military.

Outside of the committee room, the conference will offer delegates the opportunity for you to interact with and befriend intelligent and interesting students from around the world, while also giving you the chance to learn the details of the American legislative process. The experience will force you to expand your perspectives and consider issues in new ways.
Feel free to send us an email to ask any questions or to introduce yourself. As your chairs, we are excited to help you have a fun weekend exploring your passion for politics alongside a diverse group of talented peers.

We are looking forward to meeting you in February!


Christopher Fenaroli and Isabella Huber
Email: [email protected]

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