Committee Emails


This page contains all the HMC 2019 emails. Committee staff will be communicating with delegates through these emails. Please use these emails to contact your committee staff directly on issues such as those regarding pre-conference assignments, committee logistics, and briefings. If you are have issues contacting the committee staff, please email our Faculty Liaison, Jessica Lin, at [email protected]



House Armed Services: [email protected]
House Education and the Workforce: [email protected]
House Energy and Commerce: [email protected]
House Ethics: [email protected]
House Financial Services: [email protected]
House Foreign Affairs: [email protected]
House Homeland Security: [email protected]
House Judiciary: [email protected]
House Oversight and Government Reform: [email protected]
House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence: [email protected]
House Space, Science and Technology: [email protected]
House Transportation and Infrastructure: [email protected]



Senate Armed Services: [email protected]
Senate Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs: [email protected]
Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation: [email protected]
Senate Energy and Natural Resources: [email protected]
Senate Environment and Public Works: [email protected]
Senate Finance: [email protected]
Senate Foreign Relations: [email protected]
Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions: [email protected]
Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs: [email protected]
Senate Judiciary: [email protected]
Senate Select Committee on Intelligence: [email protected]
Senate Small Business and Entrepreneurship: [email protected]



Special Programs Constitutional Convention: [email protected]
Special Programs District Court: [email protected]
Special Programs UN Security Council: [email protected]
Special Programs G-20: [email protected]
Special Programs Historical Committee: [email protected]
Special Programs Media: [email protected]
Special Programs NEC: [email protected]
Special Programs NGA: [email protected]
Special Programs NSC: [email protected]
Special Programs Organization of American States: [email protected]
Special Programs PresCab: [email protected]
Special Programs Supreme Court: [email protected]
Special Programs West Wing: [email protected]


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